This is a running-style game in the midst of an intergalactic battle in the skies. Hope you enjoy it! Below are some helpful tips and guidelines. 

If you play the game from this page it may lag a little more than usual so my suggestion is to play the game on the official site:


- Use Spacebar as a shortcut to start the game

- Use R Key as a shortcut to restart the game

- Wait until you land before trying to bounce again

- Avoid red and watch out for crashing into things

- Avoid landing in between rectangles (red lines)

- There is no need to bounce once you land on the trampoline (shoots you upwards)

- Watch out for deathly triangles shooting up from the ground

- You won't be able to bounce while in the loop or in its proximity

- Good luck!


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Nice Work! graphics looked clean and the difficulty was good. Make the game endless and you could turn this into a popular phone game. If you could check out my entry that would be great! here's the link:

Thanks for checking it out!

I love this game! The ability to restart very quickly kept me playing longer. Great stuff

Thanks for playing!

This game made me very angry, well done!

Thanks for playing! Appreciate it.

Interesting game, I like the minimal art style and the quick restart. 

Thanks, appreciate it.